Friday, February 12, 2010

Joe’s Mini Pizza Project

Anyone who knows my husband Joe would agree that he’s an avid hater of many stereotypical Italian traits. You won’t catch him hitting the club in an Ed Hardy t-shirt with his hair done up in a fierce blowout or driving a red Camaro around town with the word “Jiggy” stenciled on the back windshield. However, his Italian roots do make an appearance by way of an intense pizza obsession. If I let Joe have King Umberto’s cater pizza to our wedding, he would have gone for it. Lucky for those in attendance, he was not in charge of the menu!

We’ve been trying different pizza recipes at home, but as you know, pizza is not exactly an ideal option for the healthy eater. It’s loaded with carbs and fat. When there’s a steaming hot pie in front of you with melty cheese and the kind of crispy crust that cracks when you fold it, you’re not going to have just one slice. I think Italians are genetically predisposed to fitting in at least three slices before calling it quits. So, although I’m writing the blog entry, Joe made this pizza. My mom got me a subscription to the Food Network Magazine (that I read on the sneak since I work for a competitor…shhh) and we pieced together a few recipes from the latest issue to create the Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Pizzettes.

The goal here was to lighten up the dish with whole wheat dough and part-skim cheese, but also to focus on portion control. By cutting the ball of dough into four and making pizzettes, you aren’t tempted to over indulge. Plus, pizzette is just a fun word to say. It sounds like you’re eating something much fancier than a slice of pizza. By using bold flavors like sausage and broccoli rabe, you don’t need much of it. There’s only half an Italian sausage on each individual pie. You could even use turkey sausage if you wanted to lighten it up further. If it’s possible to improve on an Italian classic, this might just do it. Good job Joe.

* Get cooking. Let me know what you think. Love it? Hate it? I’m interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions.

Pizza on Foodista


  1. king umbertos sounds good about now...

  2. Trish, This is going to be on the top of the"recipies to try list". But... thanks to you now I have to fit in King Umberto's when up in N.Y in two weeks too. I love this little blog! I will let more people know about it.

  3. Looks yummy! Marc and I do homemade pizza, but we never do toppings. Looks like something to try. I'll have to do a little creative maneuvering to get him to get over the broccoli rabe thing though. :)

  4. i love pizzettes!the word alone makes me wanna make them. brocc raabe+sausage are are perfect bold choice. also,i think you would be great on a local cooking show...i think you should submit. you have a great TV personality! and everyone needs to know these ideas!

  5. it seems that long island has 2 stations: ....WLIW AND WLIW create...Create has many cooking shows...Lydia,Bayless,Pepin,Capril @ John,Ming,Bittman,and many you know these? I think you MUST go on here!