Monday, March 8, 2010

Go Ape-$#!; for Banana Bread

I’m the first one to admit that baked goods are pretty tricky when you’re trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I can admire a piece of cake from across the room and instantly gain three pounds. But sometimes, egg beaters for breakfast just aren’t cutting it. I literally eat eggs 6 days a week. It’s crazy! But, what else is there to have for breakfast that accommodates a low-carb diet?

I try to stay away from diet-branded products like those Weight Watchers cakes or South Beach Diet granola bars. Scientists may have found a way to cut calories enough so people lose weight, but I don’t trust a bunch of ingredients that require a few college degrees to understand. What the heck is fractionated palm kernel oil? Beats me. I’m picturing some test tube concoction that men in white lab coats turn into a cereal bar before your very eyes. I say, “no thanks” to food that could be served to George Jetson. I’d much rather take a half hour on a Sunday afternoon and make something myself at home. Football season is over so I have some time to spare on Sundays.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the website, It’s dedicated to diet tips and tricks. They often review products or offer fake-out recipes. It’s an interesting resource, but they tend to lean towards pre-packaged “convenience” foods that I’m not a huge fan of. Every once in a while, they hit on something worth trying. I made the Hungry Girl Banana Bread recipe over the weekend. There’s no oil, no eggs, no added sugar and it still tasted like banana bread. Instead of white sugar, this recipe uses Splenda. I’m on a sugar-restricted diet, so I used the Splenda. If you aren’t a fan of sweeteners and aren’t restricted by sugar, you could easily swap out the Splenda for sugar, or substitute half the Splenda for brown sugar. Honestly, I liked it as-is. The texture was a little off. It was spongier than traditional banana bread, but I popped a slice in the toaster and it took care of that easily. You could also add walnuts if you like, but I didn’t really miss them.

To save a few bucks, I bought the bananas on the “this produce is too gross to sell at full price” rack at the supermarket. A bunch of eight bananas was marked down to 75 cents because the peels were slightly bruised. The bananas were fine on the inside and you need very ripe fruit to mash up for the bread. I guess I’ll have to cut back on making fun of the old ladies I see shopping this particular sale rack!

This was definitely worth a try if you have a few minutes to make something homemade. As an added bonus, the entire house will smell like freshly-baked bread. You just can’t get that from a box!

* Get cooking. Let me know what you think. Love it? Hate it? I’m interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions.

Banana Bread on Foodista

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  1. I love the title of this one! You are too amazing--flower show all weekend AND adding some great new posts! Thanks for adding some smiles to my Monday. :) (And, I hope you are LOVING the weather! I was thinking of you all weekend!)