Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have a Flaco Cinco de Mayo!

With Cinco de Mayo coming up next week, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what last year’s food tribute to this Mexican holiday entailed. If memory serves me, it was something to the tune of: a pitcher of Margaritas, a mixing bowl full of guacamole and some form of meat covered in cheese and stuffed into a tortilla. Sound familiar?

Do you have any idea how many calories are in just that one Margarita? *Spoiler Alert. If you intend to be able to enjoy that whole pitcher of limey goodness without guilt, you might want to consider skipping to the next paragraph*. The answer is, 500-700 calories and 50 grams of carbs! In one drink!

A moment of silence please, this is a sad discovery. Margaritas are one of my all-time favorites (a few blackmail-worthy photos might back this up). The sour lime compliments cheesy Mexican food perfectly. But if that one drink is 700 calories, imagine what a few servings of guacamole and a plate of enchiladas add to the list. You’re probably enjoying a whole day’s worth of calories in just one sitting!

Consider my recipe for Flaco (skinny) Huevos Rancheros with Home-style Salsa as an alternative. This lightened-up version of a Mexican classic is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It includes all of my favorite Mexican flavors on one plate. The guacamole is replaced with a few slices of fresh avocado. Shredded meat is replaced with eggs. Heavy sauces are swapped out for a fresh tomato cilantro salsa that can be thrown together in minutes.

I keep the portion on the small side. With all of the toppings going on, I find it quite filling. Of course you can easily add another egg if you want something a bit more substantial. If you’re in the mood for an “adult” beverage to pair with this, go for a Mexican coffee instead of that Margarita (a splash of Kahlua and a dollop of light whipped cream). After this meal, you won’t need a siesta to sleep off the calories.

* Get cooking. Let me know what you think. Love it? Hate it? I’m interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions.

Huevos Rancheros on Foodista

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  1. Hi, Just want to say...I'm impressed. I would love to make and eat this beauty. Presentation is
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    The skinny is just a plus.
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