Wednesday, July 14, 2010

...And Now For Something Completely Different

By turning a hobby for healthy cooking into a blog, my husband and I have also unearthed an appreciation for food photography. I act as food stylist while he sets up the shots. I should also mention that we do this with basically no supplies. We’re using a point and shoot digital camera and lighting set-up that involves bedroom lamps all in the kitchen of a one bedroom apartment.

Every once in a while we enter a food photo contest on Food2. The site comes up with a theme for the contest every few weeks so unfortunately, we sometimes have to break from the healthy food trend and dish up what they’re asking for. This week was birthday cake. We prefer pie to cake, so our spin on it is called Birthday Cake Pie. Cake and Pie together at last! If you have a facebook account and have a spare second to rate the photo (preferable with 5 stars!) we’d love the support. Please keep in mind that after sampling our creation (and how strangely delicious cake pie actually was), we tossed the leftovers. This is a diet website after all.

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