Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hall & Sloats: Whoa-oh here she comes. She’s a slow cooker!

I should preface this post by explaining that my husband Joe and I have been around each other for so long, we speak our own language. I don’t mean a cutesy sort of lovey-dovey language. I mean we have a weird habit of making up our own abbreviated words for things.

If you hear us talking to each other in public you might think we sound like a couple with “special needs”. Somehow Italian garlic and oil sauce (aglio e olio) has become alool. Ice cream is affectionately called screamies, and scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese has somehow morphed into crazy eggs. In some instances we abandon the spoken word all together and resort to hand signals. It’s bizarre, I agree. But look at us, would you expect anything else?

So now you can understand why this SLOW COOKER OATMEAL came to be called “The Sloat.”

I really like having a hot breakfast in the morning and oatmeal is a welcome departure from Egg Beaters and turkey sausage. The instant packet oatmeal isn’t the greatest. To make it quick cooking and microwave friendly, a lot of the packets contain artificial flavors and sweeteners.

This oatmeal took two failed attempts before I realized you have to use steel cut oats. Rolled oats just don’t work. Take one was more of an oatmeal-flavored soup. Take two woke me up in the middle of the night with the smell of burning brown sugar cementing to the sides of the pot.

By take three I switched to steel cut oats. They take longer to cook and stand up perfectly to slow cooking. The pellet shaped grain is closer to bulgur or al dente cous cous than it is to what American’s typically think of as oatmeal. It maintains a chewy texture even after being slow cooked overnight.

Selling points for The Sloat
  • It cooks while you’re sleeping and the whole house will smell like cinnamon.
  • Sweeteners and dried fruit mix-ins are interchangeable for different flavor combinations.
  • It’s super creamy despite being cooked in water.
  • Leftovers can be brought back to life in the microwave and enjoyed for the next few days by adding a splash of water to the bowl, covering it in plastic wrap and reheating.
  • The Sloat is just really silly to say and bound to make you laugh at least once. 

Oats on Foodista

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  1. Hysterical when I got to 'alool'! Literally, in my apt, by myself, hysterically laughing. Love you both.