Thursday, May 19, 2011

By the Beard of Zeus! - Greek Stuffed Chicken

Three things I’d like to use this blog as a forum to selfishly brag about:

1 – I ran my first ever 5K race a few weeks ago. (Even though a few moms whizzed by me with their jogger strollers, I didn’t do half bad!)

Pre-race. This smile was later replaced with the look of utter exhaustion.

2 – I finally lost the 10 pounds I put on after college (The fact that college was almost 10 years ago, is not an important detail to note).

3 – Constant blabbering about healthy eating choices is starting to pay off. Friends and family are calling and texting with their healthy ideas and I love it!           

Let me introduce you to my friend Diana. You may remember her from the Last Horrah Greek Cookout. Although she’s getting much more adventurous in her old age of 30, she’s still not a huge vegetable eater (unless you consider ketchup to be a vegetable).

Di called me one day with a recipe she loves that also gets some greens into her diet. Was there a full moon? Had she gone completely mad? I like to think my healthy cooking antics are rubbing off on people!

This BAKED GREEK CHICKEN makes plain old chicken breast something much more special. The spinach and feta mixture creates a creamy, cheesy stuffing and the panko topping gives the chicken a crunchy crust. I’m not sure where her original recipe came from, but the references to “EVOO” and “two turns of the pan” scream Rachael Ray.

I adjusted the recipe to give each piece of chicken even more spinachy stuffing in each bite. Go big or go home I always say, unless we’re talking about tequila. Then go small, go very small.

Give this a try on your vegetable leery friends. They'll be spinach converts in no time.