Friday, September 16, 2011

Move Aside and Let the Mango Through

I recently took a trip to Cape Cod with the hubby as a last-ditch effort to relax before the little peanut arrives. Relax really isn’t a word that frequents my vocabulary. I operate on two speeds…STOP and GO. Between 15-mile bike rides, whale watching and dragging Joe through tons of shops, I actually managed to sit on the beach for a few hours and read a book. A miracle! (Speaking of books, everyone should go out and read the Hunger Games series RIGHT NOW. Ignore the embarrassing “young adult” label on the spine. It rocks.)

Doesn't every pregnant woman bike 15 miles in a sun hat?

A main vacation priority of mine is to hit up any and all delicious eateries in the area. Cape Cod is the perfect locale to find fresh seafood prepared in a casual, no-frills style. And boy did we eat! We stopped by The Beachcomber for fried clam strips, The Squire for oysters on the half shell and sampled a few different varieties of chowder and fish & chips.

All this seaweed made me constantly think of eating sushi. 

I’ve been on a major seafood kick lately and with baby on board, I ate my fill of all things fried. I may have over indulged a bit. When we got home, I wanted to keep the seafood trend going, but on a much lighter note.

Trying to zoom-in on the boats to see what fish they might be dragging in.

We picked up some fresh tilapia filets, but you could certainly use any flaky white fish for this. Season the fish with salt and pepper and sear the filets in a skillet on medium-high heat. I usually cook in olive oil, but I did add about a tablespoon of real butter to the oil in the pan. After much trial and error, I find that even a touch of butter helps the fish to develop a crunchy, golden brown sear on the outside. Without the sear, it’s just too mushy for me.

I topped the fish with a FRESH MANGO SALSA that I whipped up. While shopping around the adorable little Chatham Village, we stopped in an olive oil and vinegar shop called Gustare. The store lets you sample an impressive variety of different flavored oils and vinegars. I picked up an apricot-infused aged white balsamic vinegar and one of the suggested uses was for mango salsa. I used the vinegar in place of lime juice. The subtle hint of apricot gives the tart vinegar a little extra sweetness.

This gorgeous plate took only 15 minutes to whip together!

This took about 15 minutes to put together. It’s light and fresh and satisfies the need for something from the sea.  Summer might be drawing to a close, but who says you can’t have a beach-inspired dinner any time the mood strikes? Put a mini-cocktail umbrella in your drink. Relive the moment.